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With the human race driven underground by robots gone rogue, Faye, our hero, a mechanical engineer that was trapped behind enemy lines along with a friendly companion robot, must fight to regain access back to the surface and bring humanity back from the brink of extinction. District Underground is a third person hack and slash video game focusing primarily on fast-paced combat and maneuvering throughout levels by utilizing several mechanics such as dashing, jumping, and grappling. Players are encouraged to finish levels as fast as possible while also gaining the highest amount of points by killing the robots while chaining combos.


Artists: Connor Murdoch, Jacob Lawrence, Randy Darmawan

Programmers: Aleandro Valencia, Andre Bastos Gottgtroy, Rony Hanna

Install instructions

Space Required: Around 1.5GB

Unzip the file then open the exe.

 If Windows Defender pops up, click more info then Run anyway.


District Underground.zip 409 MB


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It looks really cool but plays pretty clunkily. It seems like there are a lot of interesting movement and combat mechanics and alone they feel okay, but since none of them really flow together it end up feeling like you completely stop everything your doing to do anything else. Running feels great, the grapple is okay, the combat is really slow, but none of it connects. If you can get the flow of the game pinned down, I think this will be awesome!


Thank you for the feedback CoalFire. Achieving the desired flow of the game has been a great challenge. Much appreciated! Very cool!